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Best Gaming PC

Best Gaming PC

ROG Strix GL10DH Review

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ROG Strix GL10DH Gaming PC Product Details Product Details

– CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G 3.7GHz
– RAM: 8GB
– GPU: GTX 1650 4GB
– Disk: 512GB SSD
– Cooling Fans: 2
– RGB Lights: Yes
– Price: ₹ 89,309.00

pros Pros

– Looking
– Clear side option

cons Cons

– Heat
– Lack of Slots
– Graphic Card

With a Octa-Core CPU can give you an extra boost, but the lower Graphic Card don’t put this gaming computer in the edge of performance. For the same price you can get a better deal with SkyTech Blaze II that already have an 6GB Graphic card.

Disclaimer: The Pros and Cons presented in this analysis are based in the comparison between the different products referred


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