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iPhone 13 Users Demand Apple Adds Noise Cancellation Option Offered in Earlier Models


iPhone 13 series was launched in September with a list of updates over the existing models. But one major feature that could be useful in some situations is missing on the new iPhone family since its launch. It’s the dedicated noise cancellation option that iPhone 13 users have been waiting for and demanding months. Apple has, however, not yet addressed the consumer demand. The latest iOS version didn’t bring the noise cancellation option on the iPhone 13 series. It is there on the older models, though.

As brought into notice by 9to5Mac, a user on Reddit raised a complaint about the lack of the noise cancellation option on the iPhone 13 a few days back. Several other users agreed to the complaint and wondered why the new iPhone series doesn’t have that support. Some users also mentioned that the lack isn’t due to a hardware constraint as the iPhone 13 series does have a sufficient number of microphones to support noise cancellation.

In October, a user posted about the lack of the noise cancellation option on the iPhone 13 Pro Max on Apple Community forums. An Apple Community Specialist responded to the user issue with a link to an article on how to adjust the audio settings on the iPhone.

The given link does mention the existence of Phone Noise Cancellation that users on the older iPhone models can enable by going to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/ Visual. The particular option is not available in the iPhone 13, though.

Another user responded to the Apple Community forum post and said that Apple is aware of the issue.

Gadgets 360 was able to confirm the lack of the noise cancellation option on the regular iPhone 13. User reports suggest that the issue also exists on the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the iPhone 13 mini.

iphone 13 noise cancellation option absence image screenshot gadgets 360 iPhone 13

iPhone 13 (left) is lacking the dedicated noise cancellation option that is available on older iPhone models (right)


The iPhone maker has notably brought a few iOS updates since the lack of the noise cancellation option was reported on the Apple Community forums, but the issue hasn’t yet been addressed.

Earlier this month, Apple brought iOS 15.2 as the latest iOS update, which has not included the noise cancellation option to the iPhone 13 models. The feature has also not been available in iOS 15.3 beta.

Due to the absence of the noise cancellation option, iPhone 13 users do not have the ability to manually control whether ambient noise during phone calls can be reduced when they are holding the phone to their ear. Users can, however, activate the Voice Isolation feature from the Control Centre that works similar to noise cancellation and helps you block ambient noises using machine learning.

Gadgets 360 has reached out to Apple for clarity on the lack of the noise cancellation option and will update this space when the company responds.


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