UREVO Mask-3ply Disposable Face Masks Pack, Melt-Blown mask,BacterialFiltration Effiency(BFE) 95%,Particle Filtration Effiency(PEE) 93.6%, CE & ISO & SITRA Certified


1. Embedded Nose Clip : Made with embedded & adjustable wire nose Clip,to make your mask more fitted to your face.This clip is also helpful if you wear glasses as it helps prevent some of the fogging of your lenses you get when wearing masks without this option.
2. 3-Ply Protection Masks : Outer color layer is a water-resistant layer, block the splashing liquid; Middle layer(Melt-Blown Fabric ) is a filtering layer,block particles upto 0.3 Microns . Inner layer is a water absorbing layer, which can absorb the moisture from the breath of the wearer, avoid the filtering layer from getting wet.
3. Sturdy Elastic Earloop: Face Cover with a 3D efficient elastic ear loop design, the length can be adjusted according to the face. It does not hurt your ears for a long time wearing and it’s not easy to break, the facial mask giving you a very comfortable experience at anytime